Priestley College Applications Online
Before you start your application please make sure you have everything you need to complete the form.

Your Details

  • You must complete all parts of the application before submitting it. You cannot save an application that is part finished and come back to it later.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide once your application has been received.
  • Your details will be held securely on our servers for as long as the details are of purpose.

Please have the following to hand

  • Your predicted or actual exam grades for your GCSEs (particularly important are GCSE Maths and GCSE English Language)
  • Details of at least one emergency contact, including your relationship to that person i.e. Mother, Carer etc.
  • Your choice of up to five subjects that you are considering studying at Priestley College


If I apply online and then change my mind about the subjects I want to study at Priestley College, what should I do?
Don't worry! There will be opportunities during the admissions process to amend your subject choices. Please do not attempt to submit another application.
If I apply online and then change my telephone number / address / email etc, what should I do?
Please email your change in details to our Admissions Team - - or call them on 01925 415415.
I don't know what subjects I want to study at Priestley College yet, what should I do?
The choices you select now are not definite. You will be able to change your choices at your interview and at various stages of the admissions process. Please do not submit another application.
Does Priestley College offer both AS and A Levels?
Students opting to study A Levels will take AS assessments at the end of year 1 and then progress to the full A level in year 2.
What will happen once I've applied?
Once you have completed your application you will see a message confirming it was submitted correctly. You will also be sent a confirmation email. We will then invite you to attend an admissions interview once your application has been processed (usually within a few weeks).